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We do not cut corners
Our Olives are harvested in october, and transformed into Olive Oil the same day  and on the best available equipment.

Our packaging is different
We do not use glass. There is a good reason why we step away from the established norms. Our mission is more than just producing premium quality oil. We want to keep the flavors in, for as long as possible. Glass is just not good enough.

What is it and why is it better than glass?
Its Bag-in-Box designed specially for Olive Oil. The enemy of Olive Oil are Air and Light: Aluminised bag in a box means there is no light. When Oil comes out of the bag, there is no air that gets in. The bag shrinks. No air. No light.

The olive oil.
If you never tasted Fresh made oil, get ready for a surprise. Its different. Intensive, aromatic, full of flavour. People say picant and bitter. Well, yes, but only if you drink it alone. Combined with other food it is something different.

The Extra-Virgin.
Its like honey. If its real-deal, it can not be cheap. That is just how life works. The word "Extra Virgin" used to mean something.  Today - with so many fakes everywhere - it means nothing. Now you have to know the guy. 

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