i am almost there

I have almost saved up enough to buy a olive harvester.
There are plenty reasons why I need it, but the most important is:
It has a Joystick.
Yes, it woud make the harvest faster and easyer.
Yes, my back hurts and I honestly dont know how long I can keep doing it with hand-held machines.
Yes, ultimatly it would make the product more competitive (cheaper oil for y'all). 

But there is this magic of the wireless joystick that moves the machine and makes joy & hapiness for the inner child that never wants to grow up.

AAAaanyway, here's the machine (the green thing):


So I humbly ask you to tell about my oil to your Family, friends, neigbours and co-workers.
This way I can make more paper with no intrinsic value whatsoever (AKA Money) and get this machine for the next harvest.

Thank you all.